Stoic Podcast
13 — Q/A Meditations, Perspective; Purpose, Outwardly Stoicism, Face Value and its Importance
12 — Guest, Personal Guide to Stoicism, Histort of Roman Stoicism, Life and Growth, Diagnoses and Alexander the Great
11 — Meditations Marcus Aurelius, Maneuvering in Life, Debunking Myths about Stoicism, Anger: Positive and Negative
10 — Adversity and Loss; managing yourself and others, The Path of Pain, The balance of losing and responding to adverse situations
9 — Fame, Perception, Nature and how to relate to it, Time is proportional
Overall Dichotomy, Character Dichotomy, Natural Selection, Andrew Luck Sports Segment
7 — Meditations, What We Learned From Marcus, Human Life, Importance of Philosophy, Good vs. Evil and Awareness
6 — Guest, Transient vs Infinite, Morality of Life, Dress vs Talk, Golf, Hot Dogs
5 — Meditations, Explosion v. Reaction, Arrogance and Indifference, Politcal Rhetoric, Dichotomy of Leadership - Discipline
4 — Guest, Lessons from sports and school, Meditations, Weaponry, Balance of life and how to succeed.